Action vs Leadership

Jan Stirling – Actions outweigh Leadership

Week 1 – Jan Stirling – Actions outweigh Leadership

This article provides so many different discussion points, but two of Jan’s views really stand out in relation to the philosophies at 4 the TEAM.

1) “..some people have a natural disposition to being a leader but yes leaders can be bred too!”

How much time do schools devote to their breeding program in regards to student leadership? I know as a Head of Year I relied heavily on the natural leaders in my student leadership group. They got on with the tasks efficiently, they could be trusted to get the job done. One of my frustrations was finding the time to develop those student leaders who were a little rough around the edges. They had the potential but they needed extra guidance, as Jan suggests they needed to be ‘bred’. 4 the TEAM offers a program which will address the breeding of student leaders in your school and hopefully maximize their efficiency but also enhance the behaviours of your students.

2) “..lead by always demonstrating on a daily basis actions that validate the values and standards of behaviour expected..”

In forming the 4 the TEAM philosophy I read many articles about mission statements and company vision and how these impact leadership. I will admit that when I was working in schools, in leadership positions, I pretty much was unaware of the mission statement in the College foyer or on the first page of the school diary. Not because I was oblivious to the importance of this but I believe actions speak louder than words. What I do everyday is more important that what you read on the website or on the wall. As Jan suggests, teams will only buy into the expected behaviours if the leader is putting them into their daily life, through their actions. One of the big philosophies of 4 the TEAM is based on living your leadership values and is addressed in the 4 principles of TEAM, which is the foundation of the program.