Captains Conferences 2015


The inaugural Captains Conference was held at Corpus Christi College last week. It was attended by 39 students and 7 teachers from 10 secondary schools from the Catholic Education Office. Feedback collected from the event was very positive and we look forward to offering future events. The recommendations made by those who attended the day have already been actioned for next year to make the event even better.

The major objective of the day was to provide student leaders with a network of fellow leaders who they can share their experience with this year. Being the Captain of a school is a privilege, but it can also be very isolating. This conference tried to address this issue and provide these student leaders with some degree of support for the challenges ahead.

4 The TEAM would like to thank Corpus Christi College for hosting the event, all staff and students who attended on the day. A special thank you must go to Tyrone and Rachel for their group presentations, as well as Jessica, Aron, Rebekah and Sam for the workshops they prepared. Lastly a huge thanks to the Trevor and the IT team at Corpus Christi for putting together the video presentation.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.