About Mark


Mark is a passionate educator who has a real desire to provide teenagers with learning opportunities that allow them to grow into mature young adults. For over 20 years Mark has been working with teenagers both on the sporting field and in the classroom using real life experiences to motivate and drive students to be the best they can be. Mark fundamentally believes that active engagement in real life experiences will enhance student learning and therefore increase student motivation and drive. ‘4 the TEAM’ is built on the philosophy that teenagers will develop better leadership skills when actively engaged in leading a team.

Bball 1For the past 14 years, Mark has worked in secondary high schools as a class room teacher, curriculum leader, pastoral care leader and deputy principal. Mark has taught across multiple learning areas and firmly believes in a great breadth in educational experiences while at school. Mark’s real passion in schools is offering students the opportunity to grow through their involvement in high quality extra curricular programs, such as the one offered by ‘4 the TEAM’.

At the age of 16 Mark was coaching Under 14 representative basketball teams and it was this participation that fueled his life long commitment to working with teenagers. Mark has achieved wonderful success as a coach winning medals at National Championships in both the Under 16 and Under 18 age group, as well as winning multiple state level championships from Under 12’s right through to Under 18’s. However, the greatest pleasure for Mark has been working with young men and women who have gone on to be great people both on and off the basketball court. Many continue to give back to the game as coaches now and some continue to play at an elite level, many of whom Mark remains in regular contact with.