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Marks TEAM philosophy was just what our staff needed as mentors of student leaders. Up until now we seemed to be doing our own thing, mainly focusing on ‘getting tasks’ done with limited concern for supporting, developing and empowering young leaders in the process. We all knew clarity and consistency was needed, but couldn’t really figure out how to achieve this. The TEAM philosophy was the simple and practical structure we needed to move forward. It didn’t throw a mountain of buzz words at us; it gave us a structure that was realistic and advice that was applicable to our student leadership settings and needs.

Mark’s program provides you with some much needed time to reflect personally and as a group about our leadership and coaching styles. We have developed into a stronger and more united team because of this. I feel we are now heading on a much more productive and positive path with student leadership at our school.

Renee, House Coordinator (Corpus Christi College)


Some thoughts from the CBC Fremantle students who attended the Year 10 Leadership Camp:

What did you enjoy about the camp? – “Loved it, one of the best experiences of my life and so far at CBC. I feel that the rite journey needs to follow on some of the lines of this as it makes you think about how you are contributing to the college. It was a fantastic camp and has made me realise who I really am and what I can do to implement the leadership skills I have learnt into my daily life.”

What would you change about the camp? – “I think the camp needs to be longer (maybe 3-4 days) and mix up the activities a bit. Everything was awesome and I would be happy to attend this same camp multiple times”

How can you be a better leader? – “To become a better leader, I need to lead from the front less and lead from the back more. I now need to ensure when making a decision in a group, I ask everyone for their opinions on the decision and then ensure everyone is happy with the decision the group has made rather than taking charge and settling on a decision without everyone’s ideas.”

Statements from the online survey student completed after the camp (CBC FREMANTLE, SEPT 2016)