1. To enhance the student leadership program within the school.
  2. To promote student leadership as an important aspect in student development.
  3. To develop a network with other secondary schools to facilitate greater collaboration between student leaders.
  4. To reflect on the number of males applying for student leadership positions.
  1. To develop a greater knowledge of team dynamics and the impact this has on student leadership groups.
  2. To provide staff with practical skills to manage both individual student development and team development.
  3. To enhance coaching skills in staff who work with student leaders.
  4. To promote self-reflection in staff who work with student leaders.
  1. To enhance individual leadership skills i.e. communication, time management, problem solving skills, etc. for students who are given leadership roles.
  2. To provide students with age related practical skills to function within a team environment.
  3. To provide students with opportunities to network with students from external sources be it corporate, professional or educational sectors.
  4. To promote self-reflection as an important aspect of personal leadership development.