Pastoral Care

  • Pastoral Leadership Programs for all students
    • Generic pastoral programs based on year levels as well as mental and social development of students.
    • This program can be offered in two formats
      • 8-10 x 30mins sessions to be run in school by the pastoral care teacher i.e. homeroom staff, form teacher
      • 1 day leadership training day – run by 4 the TEAM.
    • Programs are very heavily based around hands on learning activities.


 Can I be a Leader?

(Year 7/8)

A focus on personal qualities of leadership and the types of leadership.
Students will reflect on what type of leader they would like to be and what they represent.
Skills such as time management, organisation and planning will be taught.
 To Lead or Follow?

(Year 8/9)

A focus on types of motivation and how these can be used to reward or punish participation.
Students will review why people participate in activities and identify how leaders can either motivate or deter students from getting involved in school activties.
Skills such as goal setting, and team buidling strategies will be taught.
 What is the Value of Leadership?

(Year 9/10)

A focus on the values and attitudes that great leaders have exhibited over history.
Students will research how these values and behaviours impacted on the leaders decisions and behaviours in their roles.
Skills such as active listening, conflict resolution and assertiveness will be taught.
 Leading your Team?

(Year 10+)

A focus on skills that can be used to start building a team.
Students will learn strategies, theories, philosophies about how teams form and work together effectively.
Skills will be practical and school based.