Staff Training

The 4 the TEAM philosophy is to have both staff and students working as one team. It is therefore vital that staff are trained in the framework and structures outlined in the 4 the TEAM philosophy. Once staff have an understanding of the 4 the TEAM philosophy, a solid foundation can then be set up for student leadership to rise to another level. It is important to remember that the structures and framework offered by 4 the TEAM are adaptable. The aim is to value add to any leadership program already being offered to students.


The staff training program comprises of 4 units of work.

Session 1 – What does a student leader look like at your school?

Session 2 – How to build a successful student leadership team?

Session 3 – How to coach your student leadership team?

Session 4 – How to enable personal growth in the individual in the team?


The staff training program is available in two delivery methods.

Option 1 – Full day PD (each session runs for approx. 90mins but this can be adapted into the school day)

Option 2 – 2 Half Day PD’s which are spaced by about 2 weeks to allow preparation time (each session would run for 3 hours, Session 1 & 2 and Session 3 & 4 together)


The staff training program also involves a staff reflection on their own personal leadership of the team and coaching of the student leaders. It is recommended that 2 reflections occur throughout the year to maximise the benefits of the program.

Reflection 1 (early term 1) – What stage of team development is my team working in?

Reflection 2 (end of year) – Did my team work efficiently this year?