Student Leader Training

The Student Leadership Training can be split into many different programs depending on the needs of the school.


1. Student Leadership Camps

CCC13 1

  • 1 or 2 day leadership camps.
  • Day 1 – Aim is to introduce the TEAM principles and explain the philosophy behind building better team dynamics to improve leadership skills.
  • Day 2 – Aim is to walk out of camp with a plan of action for the year. The group will have a list of strategies student leaders will implement and use to make their leadership as successful as possible.
  • This program can be adjusted to the needs of the school.


2. Student Leader Development – Skills Training Sessions

  • Generic sessions can be supplied to your school in specific leadership skills, these can be run by members of your school community or trained 4 the TEAM staff can run them for your school at additional costs

MC 5

1) Complicated conversations

This session will teach you some key points to communicate effectively and offer key strategies to having difficult conversations with others, both staff and students.

2) Energising your events

This session will teach you valuable skills to assist you in working with your peers and staff to maximise participation at your next school event.


3) Meeting Mayhem

This session will teach you how to run an effective meeting. Things like how to collect agenda items, set an agenda for the meeting and the finer points of chairing the meeting.


4) Preparing a proposal

This session will teach you how to take a great idea, investigate it and then write to the school to put the idea into action.


5) Spectacular Speeches

This session will teach you how to prepare a speech / presentation to make sure your message is delivered.


6) The Balancing Act

This session will give you some advice on how to manage all your commitments so you don’t let yourself down and more importantly burn out, you have to live life to have fun!!!


7) TEAM work – must be run by 4 the TEAM

This session will look at team building strategies you can use to help build a team in in your role as a leader it gives you practical tips to make your life easier.



3. Leadership Reflections


  • Review and reflections
    • In conjunction with the school time table, student leaders are provided with sessions throughout the year to sit and reflect on the success of the TEAM principles and philosophies.
    • Ideas for this
      • Planning afternoons
      • Online reflections
      • Peer reviews
      • Teacher reviews
      • Team reviews


  • Team and Individual reflections
    • An online reflection to be completed by leaders reviewing both team performance and individual progress.
    • The survey will provide staff with an insight into individual performance of each student but also an overview on how the team is functioning in accordance with the stages of team development.
    • Issues that arise from the survey can then be addressed with students at a later date through coaching and mentoring.