TEAM Dinner





  • form community links for schools to appreciate the concept of servant leadership
  • provide a structure for schools to experience how the TEAM philosophy can be employed
  • provide assistance to a volunteer driven foundation
  • present student leaders with an opportunity experience how they can impact others lives positively


Making a booking

  • Schools will register their interest with 4 the TEAM
  • 4 the TEAM will liaise with Ronald McDonald house to obtain a list of dates available
  • 4 the TEAM will provide school with dates
  • Schools will then select a date


Home for Dinner Evening

  • A weeknight or a weekend
  • Times – start time is 3pm, dinner time is 6pm, finish time 8pm
  • Students must be 16 years of age
  • Student numbers should be 10-15 approximately


TEAM planning session

  • 4 the TEAM will deliver a 90min session outlining how the TEAM philosophy can be implemented in preparing the group ready for the “Home For Dinner” night.
  • The session will demonstrate how the TEAM philosophy can be applied practically.
  • Skills included in the session
    • Committee selection
    • Running a meeting – including voting, putting forward a motion
    • Delegation of tasks – using personal strengths
    • Goal setting – setting a target
    • Time Management – task allocation
    • Organisation – expected behaviours
    • Communication both written and verbal


At the completion of the TEAM session students will:

  • Be allocated into one of the three required committees
    • The Administration Board
    • The Fundraising committee
    • The Activity committee
  • Have roles and responsibilities to achieve in preparing for the event
  • Have a timeline for achieving the goals outlined by the committees
  • Understand what the TEAM philosophy means for the group


The Administration Board will:

  • Be responsible for the overall operations and logistics of the group running the TEAM Dinner
  • Duties will include
    • Transport
    • Finances for the event
    • Communication with stake holder
    • Public relations and promotions within the school and wider community


The Fundraising committee will:

  • Plan activities within the school community to raise the required funds to make the donation to Ronald McDonald House
  • Duties will include
    • Planning and running the event
    • Maintaining the finances
    • Promoting the event within the school community


The Activities committee will:

  • Plan activities that can be offered to the families during teh TEAM Dinner
  • Duties will include
    • Provide activities that allow families to have fun and be interactive
    • Supply all equipment, if these need to be purchased then this must be covered by the fundraising team


Costs for the program

  • $250 for the 90min initial planning session and ongoing support from 4 the TEAM
  • Minimum of $500 donation to Ronald McDonald house (it costs approx. $800 for dinner each night)
  • Any other costs for transport, items for activities etc.


4 the TEAM will supply

  • initial contact and dates
  • training for students in the TEAM philosophy
  • assistance at the Home for Dinner event


The school will supply

  • students for work
  • staff member for duty of care and supervision
  • a $500 donation to Ronald McDonald house